Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The order in which, had I Lifetime, I would be excited to watch the Nora Roberts movies advertised in the subway. Ranking from least excited (4) to most excited (1). Also check out Zan and Erica's rankings.


I'm not interested in an Alaskan murder, a "fiesty bush pilot," or LeeAnn Rimes' eyebrows (ick).


Although this movie has the celebrities who are, arguably, "the most famous" (an unrecognizable Tai from Clueless and The Guy Samantha Fucked from SATC), the plot is about former child star falling in love while painting houses.


It starts to get nuanced here, because these other two look pretty good. High Noon comes in second for featuring a killer on the tail of a plucky female investigator, Emilie de Ravin looking "natural" in comparison to the other actresses, and for the face Ivan is making in the poster.


After watching the trailers, it's clearly no contest: Midnight Bayou will be the best. It involves southern accents, time travel, Jerry O'Connell as a Harvard-educated lawyer, and a white Cajun (I don't recognize this actress, but she's the most photoshopped of any of the poster girls). I also like that Jerry is the "big name" in this, suggesting, by pairing it with the other posters, that he is the leading lady.


zanimal said...

ivan sergei's face = emblazoned in my brain 4 lyfe.

erica said...

i feel like i've already missed the boat on this one.